We ride bikes too!

FMA’s Peter Miles has been a bike rider for many years.
He has taken and tested all sorts of bikes on road trips around Australia.

If anything goes wrong, he can fix it.
As a motorbike mechanic, he works on all makes and models.

• FMA for ALL motorbike mechanical repairs

Custom work to suit each individual

Air conditioning needing repair? Probably needs a regas. Can do. But if it’s something else, we’ll let you know.

• Major and minor servicing to keep you running smooth.

Electrical repairs and maintenance

• We even have our internal welding service.

New bike servicing (maintains your warranty)

General servicing to all makes/models

EFI diagnostics and repairs

Tune-ups for higher performance – save on petrol, better torque.

• We check your brakes, clutches, transmissions, suspensions, tyres – everything to keep you safe.

• Dbf testing and resetting

LPG servicing and repairs

For any questions about our services, please contact us by email for a free quote or give us a call.



We ride bikes so we know why they can break, we also know how to fix them

On-road, off-road: we’ve taken our bikes everywhere. The best thing about being a mechanic is that you go anywhere fearlessly!



Repairs to automobiles from vintage to modern

When cars fail, we investigate not only the immediate issue but what contributed to the cause of the failure



The major league players of the road, both diesel & petrol

We respect the heavy duty a truck needs to perform, so our policy is to find potential causes for mechanical failure and fix them before they get too big